Cut Evaluation Time in Half

Marzano Focused Evaluation Models

The Proven Solution for Teacher and Leader Evaluation that Meets National and State Initiatives.

The Marzano Model has helped districts and schools implement game-changing hierarchical evaluation systems. These strategies and tools are proven to drive clear communication across your system, both vertically and horizontally.

System-wide alignment

With district, school leader, and teacher evaluation models, you can reinforce your shared goal of student achievement.


Leverage a proven system that’s been refined and based on feedback from hundreds of classrooms, schools, and districts for more than five years.


Validated to improve teacher effectiveness, with direct influence in enhancing student learning and increased achievement.

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Our District has always treated Marzano as “the” instructional model and a tool for evaluation. It is the common language and framework that unites our District’s vision and mission. It’s easier to speak a common language and practitioners can see clearer connections between the Domains and how they lend to developing rigorous lessons/units.

Anthony DoughertyEvaluation/Regional Support Manager
The School District of Palm Beach County, FL

How the Marzano Model Promotes Sustainable Improvement

No matter the goals of your school, you want a cohesive plan for improvement that benefits everyone. With the Marzano Model of evaluation, you’ll see real results. Our new Marzano Center model for evaluations achieves significant inter-rater reliability, demonstrating higher levels of agreement among observers.

We promise:

  • Teachers will experience greater consistency.
  • Your mandates will get satisfied using less time and resources.
  • The process will yield results, having superior reliability.

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