Think “Rigor” is a Boring Topic for PD? That’s About to Change

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We all want school to be engaging and interactive for students—why shouldn’t we expect the same of professional development for teachers? That’s the crux of two uniquely themed Marzano-inspired PD sessions IE is rolling out in the 2019-20 school year.

The half-day “Rigor for All” professional development sessions, which are aligned with Dr. Robert J. Marzano’s book, Understanding Rigor in the Classroom, were expressly designed to engage teachers, mentors, coaches, administrators, central office instructional support, and curriculum personnel in team building as they all develop expertise on delivering truly rigorous instruction.

“Rigor in the classroom doesn’t have to be elusive, tedious, or boring,” says Instructional Empowerment Practice Leader Melissa Bloom, Ed.D. “Teachers will leave these sessions with fresh ideas and tried-and-true strategies they can implement immediately in the classroom.

Escape Room and Mystery Themes

Escape to Rigor: Cognitive Analysis Skills and Habits of Mind is a high-paced, hands-on escape room themed session in which participants analyze errors, classify, support claims, compare, and elaborate to complete tasks and “escape the low-rigor lesson.”

Solve the Puzzle of Rigor: Engaging Students in Knowledge Application Tasks challenges participants to increase classroom rigor from initial learning to deepening understanding. Participants solve problems, make decisions, investigate, experiment, invent, and analyze systems to piece together the mystery of rigor in the classroom.

IE recently introduced these sessions to a group of Pennsylvania educators. Here are a few images of an engaged team learning practical classroom strategies during a successful Escape to Rigor:

On the Road This Fall

IE will be making nationwide rounds with these sessions this fall. School and district leaders, if you’re interested in bringing Rigor for All PD to your staff, head over to the Marzano Center website and let us know!