School Turnaround Experts Tout 100% Success in Improving Achievement and Exceeding Standards

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Nov.15, 2021 – During American Education Week, Instructional Empowerment (IE), the top national provider of K-12 turnaround systems, cements its place as the best external operator in the nation. With a solid track record to back it up, IE proudly touts the fact that every one of our partner schools went up at least one letter grade in their journey to avoid closure or shifting away from a traditional model to becoming a charter school.

“We’re celebrating our 100% track record during the pandemic. I’m so proud of our team and our district partners for achieving the unachievable,” Michael D. Toth. “Lakewood Elementary School in Florida is a testament to our breaking the cycle of underachievement and our staff truly partnering with the district and community to create a sustainable path forward, all during a pandemic.”

IE’s School Turnaround Model involves two comprehensive phases that establish supportive conditions for learning and transform core instruction. This fosters a rigorous learning environment for students and creates a strong culture of team-based, mutual support to prepare students for success, no matter their circumstances.

School change agents, speak directly with our IE experts, contact Michelle Fitzgerald, Director, School Turnaround at [email protected].


Since its founding in 1999, IE has become the foremost research-based education partner. IE has helped thousands of K-12 educators to empower their students by developing every student’s capacity to take on greater responsibilities for their own learning and function at the highest levels possible. Our Applied Research Center offers approaches that are always measurable, replicable, and reliable. Every activity, strategy and intervention has attained or is in the process of attaining criteria for evidence-based practices under the federal Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) at Levels II or III and What Works Clearinghouse protocols.


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