School Leadership for Results – Interview with Beverly Carbaugh

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Randy Ziegenfuss of TL Talk Radio sits down with IE author Dr. Beverly Carbaugh to discuss her new book School Leadership for Results: A Focused Model.


In this episode, we are speaking with Dr. Beverly Carbaugh, co-author of School Leadership for Results: A Focused ModelDr. Carbaugh is co-author of white papers, books and the Focused Evaluation models with Dr. Robert Marzano. In addition to various school leadership roles, including principal and deputy superintendent, she also has extensive experience in professional development and presenting at state and national forums. Areas of expertise include executive leadership in school administration, human resources, and business/finance.

Here is what we discussed:

  1. Let’s start the conversation with a personal story about how you’ve become so passionate about improving school leadership and evaluation?
  2. What will change for the better when we provide today’s school leaders with the training and mentoring support they need to be effective? What will happen if we don’t provide that training and support?
  3. Talk to us about the Marzano Focused School Leader Evaluation Model and how it can focus school leaders on those behaviors most likely to have the greatest impact on student learning.
  4. In your book, you discuss the importance of the school leader finding balance and synergy between instructional and organizational leadership. Talk to us about why this balance is so important.
  5. Share with us some examples from the field. Where has the model been used effectively and what have been noticeable results?
  6. Before we invite you to share what is next for you, let’s hear your ideas about our lightning response questions:
    • Who is another expert our listeners should connect with to learn more about school leader evaluation?
    • If you were recommending one book (other than your own) to our listeners, what would it be?
    • What online site/resource/person do you learn from regularly?
  7. What’s next for you? What are you working on that you’d like to share?