FTEM Newsletter: Planning for Success and Using the Protocols to Plan

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You are reading a post from the the Instructional Empowerment (IE) monthly FTEM newsletter helping to inform current users of the Focused Teacher Evaluation Model on the best practices for effective evaluation.

Planning for Success

Why is planning the first step to success?

Best Practice: Using the Protocols to Plan

Navigating the Protocol for Planning: Focus Statement with Desired Effect

  • Provides a description of the element/standard
  • Includes the key constructs of the strategy
  • Takes a “teacher perspective”

REVIEW: Remind teachers that every element has a protocol. This focus statement and desired effect are from the first of the Standards-Based Planning elements. The focus statement often gets overlooked, and yet it is very important because it describes what it looks like when the teacher does the strategy correctly.

PD ACTIVITY: Have teachers look at the three elements’ protocols in Domain 1.  Ask them to highlight, circle or underline ALL important words/phrases, constructs that will tell them what the teacher must do to do in each element well. Jigsaw or share responses. How does going back to the protocols clarify misconceptions, misunderstandings, or help teachers recall what they must do for each element?