Former CEO of Learning Sciences International (LSI), Michael Toth, Founds New Company: Instructional Empowerment

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Same Researchers, Marzano Evaluation Center, award-winning faculty, and 20+ years of experience improving schools. The new company and new name better reflects our social mission.

August 10, 2022 – The team from Learning Sciences International (LSI), led by former founder and CEO Michael Toth, has always kept our vision of ending generational poverty and eliminating racial achievement gaps at the forefront of all our decisions. Today, that same team is excited to announce our new company and a new name that better aligns with our social mission. From this point forward, we will be known as Instructional Empowerment (IE).

As Instructional Empowerment, our name will better communicate that we help schools empower students, teachers, and leaders with the agency to drive their own learning and equip ALL children to thrive beyond school.

“Our new name better reflects who we are as a new educational services company and what drives us every day to help our partner schools and districts,” said Toth, Instructional Empowerment founder, and CEO. “If you believe what we believe, we invite you to join us in making the teaching and learning process more empowering for every child and educator.”

IE is committed to bringing you the same instructional expertise, backed by the same research our team developed in more than 20 years of working with schools across the country. We believe true empowerment is achieved when systems and structures align to ensure students engage in rigorous, standards-based tasks that build knowledge with peers in collaborative, interdependent teams. The IE faculty comprises former teachers, principals, and district leaders who work shoulder-to-shoulder with you. Research is at the heart of our work, including partnerships with world-class researchers like Dr. Robert J. Marzano and Dr. Ruth Wageman.

As Instructional Empowerment, our Partnership Promise is to focus on YOUR instructional vision, initiatives, and goals for improvement. We support you to build effective teams that strengthen instructional systems and improve outcomes for ALL students.

School change agents can speak directly with our IE experts by contacting  Michelle Fitzgerald, Executive Director, School Turnaround at [email protected].



Instructional Empowerment is on a mission to end generational poverty and eliminate racial achievement gaps while empowering all students to achieve grade level proficiency, self-efficacy, and upward mobility. IE draws on a rich history in its drive to become the foremost research-based K-12 education partner.

IE’s team has helped thousands of educators empower their students by developing every student’s capacity to take on greater responsibilities for their own learning and function at the highest levels possible while also providing them with 21st Century skills. We do this through evidence-based systems approaches to classroom improvement and whole school improvement that strengthens classroom core instruction and instructional leadership teams. Our Applied Research Center offers approaches that are always measurable, replicable, and reliable. Every activity, strategy, and intervention has attained or is in the process of attaining criteria for evidence-based practices under the federal Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) at Levels II or III and What Works Clearinghouse protocols.

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  • Thank you for informing me.

  • I appreciate this effort to restart your endeavors to be even more effective! I am the education program leader for a non-profit organization, Children of the Nations. We are like minded with Instructional Empowerment, in that, we are also working to end poverty among our clients who are orphans and destitute children in five nations we serve. How might IE be supportive of our efforts?
    Thank you,
    Paul Abbott

    • Thank you Paul. It does appear that there are some synergies in the social missions of Children of the Nations and Instructional Empowerment. A member of the IE staff will be in touch with you to explore some possibilities.

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