Education Event Aims to Accelerate Achievement, End Generational Poverty by Empowering Students, Teachers and K-12 Leaders

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National Experts to Share Insights into Successful Strategies to Elevate Learning and Build Student Agency.

Feb. 16, 2023 – What strategies led to a 100% career success record for accelerating school achievement? That’s what expert educators are excited to share as hosts of the 12th annual Building Expertise Educators’ Conference June 21-23 in Orlando, FL.

The event was started by Instructional Empowerment founder and CEO, Michael Toth, who wants to change the way leaders lead, teachers teach, and students learn – all in the name of making the public school system the great equalizer it was meant to be for ALL students everywhere. His vision includes making the 21st century portrait of a graduate a reality for all students in order to end generational poverty.

“Our annual conference has always been dedicated to supporting educators to achieve their vision for instruction in their classrooms and schools,” said Toth. “Teachers, principals and district leaders leave with encouragement, clarity of vision, and tools to be able close achievement gaps and prepare students to thrive beyond school.”

Building Expertise is an opportunity to discover how schools and districts everywhere can experience rapid acceleration and sustainable results when the focus is on rigorous tier 1 classroom instruction. All stakeholders in education are invited to this event to learn the how, and more importantly the why, of building collaborative, engaging learning cultures in all classrooms.

WHO: K-12 Education Experts
WHAT: 12th Annual Building Expertise Educators’ Conference
WHEN: June 21-23, 2023
WHERE: Orlando, FL
WHY: Empowering all to Reach New Heights

K-12 education strategies to help end generational poverty
Our team members’ 100% career success rate in accelerating achievement
How the secret to success for the American education system lies in the hands of the students.
Retaining overwhelmed teachers who are working too hard and not getting the results they deserve.
Helping Superintendents and Principals to empower others.



Since 2012, Building Expertise has been committed to helping educators achieve their vision for instruction in the classroom and schools. It is a one-of-a-kind event dedicated to providing education practitioners with practical knowledge that can be immediately implemented in their school or district. Attendees walk out with the encouragement, clarity of vision and tools to be able to put systems and strategies into action to boost K-12 achievement gains. The conference has always been centered around a relentless focus on rigorous core instruction to close achievement gaps. Held annually in the summer in Florida, this is a conference for educators, led by educators and designed to provide new energy for the following school year. For more information about the conference, visit #BE2023


Instructional Empowerment is on a mission to end generational poverty and eliminate racial achievement gaps through transformed core instruction while empowering all students to achieve grade level proficiency, self-efficacy, and upward mobility. IE team members draw on a rich history in their drive to become the foremost research-based K-12 education partners.

IE team members have helped thousands of educators empower their students by developing every student’s capacity to take on greater responsibilities for their own learning and function at the highest levels possible while also providing them with 21st Century skills. We do this through an evidence-based systems approach to classroom improvement and whole school improvement that strengthens classroom core instruction and instructional leadership teams. Research is at the heart of our work, including partnerships with world-class researchers like Dr. Robert J. Marzano and Dr. Ruth Wageman.

Our Applied Research Center offers approaches that are always measurable, replicable, and reliable. Every activity, strategy, and intervention has attained or is in the process of attaining criteria for evidence-based practices under the federal Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) at Levels II or III and What Works Clearinghouse protocols.

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