“There is no better way to enhance the POWER of YOU than creating conditions for rigorous teaching and learning.”- Terry Morgan

As an innovative educator and speaker, Terry Morgan’s unique approach for increasing teacher expertise is highly sought after across the country. Terry’s passion for student success inspires, motivates, and challenges even the most seasoned teachers to reach new heights. His career in K-12 education began shortly after graduating from Loras College with a degree in education. Terry brings expertise to his work from years of experience as a math, science, health and physical education teacher. Striving to impact even more students, he went on to support teachers as an Instructional Specialist in Saint Lucie County, Florida. Currently, Terry serves as a senior staff developer with Instructional Empowerment. With IE, Terry has trained in over 25 districts and with over 10,000 teachers from elementary to the collegiate level. Morgan engages his audience in deep discussions, expertly relays his experiences in the classroom and in life to connect with teachers, model strategies, and skillfully lead them to reflections about their instructional pedagogy. His work with the teachers, schools, and districts has been the foundation and catalyst for tremendous growth in both teacher effectiveness and student achievement. As his career continues to blossom with Instructional Empowerment, Morgan’s new concentration is transforming schools that support economically disadvantaged students.