Wendy Harrison is an Instructional Empowerment consultant whose primary role is working with school improvement in turnaround schools. She has a focus on leadership development, and through coaching, she encourages her leaders to develop systems of instruction that promote evidence-based core instruction, standards-based planning, teaching, learning, and assessment. She is experienced in professional learning facilitation and offers virtual and onsite professional development. Everything that she does has the students in mind and gives them agency.

Wendy Harrison has over 30 years of experience in education. During her time in education, she has experience in both primary and secondary education. She has worked in turnaround schools and actually participated in instructional empowerment work at her school. Wendy can speak from experience of how having great systems in place and giving students autonomy transforms the school. Her highest level at the district level was deputy/leadership coach to the area director where she worked with all levels of schools to promote academic success.

Experiences as a lead principal and mentor to school principals in her school district gave Wendy the opportunity to coach principals and share her knowledge and expertise with others. She was also nominated and elected HASA president and served on the board for many years. She also served in the role of National Magnet Principal of the year.

Wendy’s highest degree is Education Specialist in Educational Leadership was received from the University of South Florida. Her capstone project was related to student agency. Wendy has a passion to help leaders to make a difference in the life of students.