IE's Applied Research Center

Elevating Teaching and Learning Through Educational Research

The IE Applied Research Center is a multidisciplinary team of researchers and expert practitioners all focused on translating the best educational research into effective strategies, programs, and interventions to elevate teaching and learning. Like you, we are driven to ensure all students receive the highest quality education possible.


One of a Kind
Education Research in Action

The Applied Research Center at IE conducts objective research studies of our models and strategies to measure their impact on student learning.

No other educational services company does this.

We measure everything we do frequently and carefully. If we see that an approach or strategy is not having a positive impact on student learning, we do a root cause analysis and make the necessary adjustments.

Meeting Federal Standards

IE’s ARC also ensures that our various offerings meet federal requirements that are among the most rigorous possible for evidence-based interventions and practices. As we develop new research findings, we continuously update the evidence level of our systems.

We use federal standards to validate our products before implementing them in the field. We ensure these rigorous methods have replicable results that can be applied in different situations for various schools. We report all of our Applied Research Center findings transparently – which is why so many of our products are ESSA-level evidence compliant.

Our district partners have added confidence in IE’s products because of these tough research and development validation processes.


Rigor in Data Reporting, Research You Trust.

In the IE Applied Research Center, every solution we offer is research-based with rigorous implementation that is metric-driven and confirmed by your school or district’s data. We verify our offerings through federal research standards utilizing What Works Clearinghouse research methods and protocols. We have researchers who are WWC certified to promote the use of rigorous, high-quality research and give educators the information they need to make evidence-based decisions.

Want evidence of your own? See the depth of our research-based offerings for school transformation, curriculum services, and external managers of turnaround schools. Our results speak for themselves:

Ensuring Our Promise is Kept, and Your Goals are Achieved.

At Instructional Empowerment, we created our Applied Research Center to ensure district and school leaders that engage in our services never feel this way – we always deliver on our promise through transparent goals established upfront with our clients and then in-depth partnership data reviews every 30 days to ensure monthly progress to the agreed-upon goal.


Meet the IE Applied Research Center Team

Michelle Fitzgerald, Ed.D.
Executive Director, School Turnaround

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Marguerite “Meg” Bowen, M.Ed.
Executive Director, Professional Learning Solutions and Events

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Penny Sell, M.Ed.
Executive Director, Leadership Development and Schools for Rigor and Equity

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Deana Senn
Executive Director of IE model of instruction

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Melissa Bloom, Ed.D.
President of Instructional Empowerment (IE) and Executive Director, Evaluation

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Melissa Gdowik, B.S.
Research Associate

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Amy Mattingly, M.Ed.
Senior Research Analyst

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IE – the only educational services
company with an Applied Research Center

Lindsey Devers Basileo

Meet Lindsey Devers Basileo, PhD

KEY ROLES: Director of Research, Senior Research Analyst, Principal Investigator, Director of Marketing